This letter was sent to the Minister of transportation of Quebec:
« I would like to draw your attention to an issue that has become quite problematic in the Montreal area. Specifically, noise pollution caused by aircraft either taking off or landing at Montreal’s Trudeau airport has increased dramatically over the last few months.
Aéroports de Montréal (ADM) does not respect people’s right to a quiet environment by allowing aircraft movement at all hours of the night, without any accountability and by establishing, in concert with NAV Canada, air corridors for their flight paths and altitude that impact negatively on my quality of life. Several times a day, noise caused by aircraft is so loud that I cannot hear myself talking!
While I am aware that this is of federal jurisdiction, I believe that you are, as minister of transportation, better placed in order to discuss this situation with the federal minister of transportation, Roger Lebel, and urge him to act in order to make both ADM and NAV Canada realize that they must respect Montrealers rather than ignore our complaints and administrate Trudeau airport without any transparency.
Please help me. »

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