On November 26, 2015, the Institut national de santé publique du Québec (INSPQ)  released a study entitled: Advice on a Quebec Policy to Combat Environmental Noise: for a Healthy Noise Environment.

A large portion of the document is devoted to aircraft noise pollution, but unfortunately the data is out of date, which does not allow for a true understanding of the current situation. In addition, the data is often provided by Aeroports de Montreal (ADM) and it is, in our view, partial and incomplete.
Nevertheless, this opinion is relevant in the context of assessing the damage caused by this aircraft noise pollution and the challenges it presents us with. We have noted the following:

  • Aircraft noise is the transportation noise most damaging to health
  • It is the cause of a very real problem.
  • The health impacts are significant. Schoolchildren in particular are greatly affected.
  • There are significant economic consequences.
  • Technological advances will not counter the spread of aircraft noise: the number of people affected is steadily rising!
  • Quebec has done little to tackle the phenomenon: a dozen ministries or quasi-governmental agencies have been called upon, but none have really taken up this matter.
  • Quebec must adopt a public policy to reduce the effects of noise.
  • There are few specialists in the Québec (college and university training is deficient).
  • Europeans are ahead of us.
  • There are solutions: continuous descent approach, etc.
  • There are restrictions on night flights at many airports … except in Montreal
  • It would be useful to have additional noise measurement stations and noise mapping.
  • The provincial government should make representations to the federal government.
  • Wherever (cities) citizens participate in decision-making on the management of airport infrastructure: it works better and it’s effective.

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